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Unique Homes, Delivered.


For some, shelter is…

A new home meticulously designed by an architect overlooking the ocean. For others, it’s a rented apartment in a downtown high-rise. Shelter is that hotel during a busy week of travel, and the office building filled with creative, productive energy. It’s the cabin in the woods; it’s the weekend bungalow; it’s your childhood home; it’s your children’s home. Shelter is for everyone, and shelter is what we do.

At North Atlantic, we believe every shelter should be built as efficiently and as thoughtfully as possible. For us, that means going the extra mile to make the architect’s dream a reality on a custom entryway door and stairway. It means investing in robotics and AI equipment to make our supply chain and manufacturing processes seamless. Most of all, it means creating an environment where, through teamwork and thoughtful debate, we can develop our people and bring more value to the industry.


Wherever you call home, make it a good one.


Understanding the Shelter Industry

Whether the end result is a high-rise apartment building, a new home, or a bathroom remodel, making shelter happen takes a coordinated effort between six stakeholder groups: architects, builders, manufacturers, distributors, tradespeople, and property owners. North Atlantic is both a manufacturer and a distributor with a multi-channel business model. Here’s how it works:


Channel 1: Supplying residential builders and commercial developers

When a property owner wants to construct a new building, their first step would be to partner with an architect to design the building, down to every detail. Next, the property owner and architect choose a builder, who will create a timeline for the construction and manage the project. The builder needs to purchase all the products


Channel 2: Wholesaling

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